The Not So Pretty Side of Teaching Hot Yoga

The Not So Pretty Side of Teaching Hot Yoga

The not so pretty side of teaching hot yoga:

Your car smells like sweaty cloths and there is a pile of them building in your back seat. Must have forgot about them last night. Eeeewww!
If you teach all day you probably are blessed with a callous from mopping the floor so many times. It’s a good thing you spend a lot of time on our hands, you are probably not so worried about a silly callous.
You have to shower a few times a day and once the laundry makes it to the hamper you notice the hamper is already overflowing with sweaty cloths. There are no guarantees in life but you can count on the laundry, it will always be there. Unless of course you start a new waive of natural yoga classes in the buff. Now there is an idea.
Your favorite tee reeks of sweat and you battle with the notion that you should throw it away asap!
Jeans, no way! They look great but after wearing yoga pants all day every day there’s no way you want to squeeze into that unfriendly fabric.

On a positive note:

You don’t have to wear shoes to work.
It is excepted that you wear stretch pants on a daily basis.
You spew positivity all day long.
You get to sit back and watch people grow stronger everyday.
You get to make people smile every day.
You help people find inner strength and give them the tools to achieve their highest expectations.
You are inspired daily by brave souls who give you an extra push to reach for your dreams and goals.
You spend your days encouraging people to be true and authentic to themselves and in turn you realize that you stuck to your guns and the world has excepted you to your truest form. What a feeling.

The list goes on and on. I’m thankful to be a teacher. I would not change it for the world. Sure there are days when I feel like I’m spewing a script or that I have nothing left to give but that’s all part of the exploration, the ebb and flow.