Misha Halderson
My first experience with the power of yoga was introduced to me by a practicing guru who visited my hometown in Zambia. I was amazed of how flexible, strong and grounded he was for being in his sixties. It was at this point that I developed an interest in yoga, but it was many years later that it came to fruition.
 I moved to Virginia Beach to work as a travelling physical therapist. In February 2017, I was walking my dog, Riya, on a cold day when I happened to come upon Torch Yoga Studio. I took the opportunity to sign up for a few classes with Jess, owner of Torch Yoga, and was immediately enthralled by her unique teaching style challenging not only the body but the mind. As the months went by, I became interested in learning more about yoga. My husband encouraged me to enroll in the Teacher Training, which I completed in January 2018.
Yoga has shown me the true capacity of my mind and body guiding me to become stronger, calmer,mindful and positive. Yoga has provided me the balance needed to manage the negative energy and stressors that we face everyday whether it be financial stress, social fears, insecurities and or real life lessons. Yoga teaches us acceptance, teaching us to live in the present moment, free of expectations and deadlines.
My yoga journey has only just begun. Yoga goes beyond the breathing and moving exercises and into actual healing which is helpful for my patients’ rehabilitation in physical therapy. Yoga helps break the patterns that keep us stuck and instead leaves us feeling more aligned, centered and challenged.
I look forward to inspiring my students with a full body experience of movement with breath, muscle strength and flexibility whilst maintaining a balanced, clear, and calm mind.