Ashley Murphy

I am a Virginia Beach native. Growing up I played many sports and loved being part of teams both in my community and also for my junior high and high school. As I “grew up” and no longer played team sports, my interest in physical fitness and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle increased. I stayed active by running or walking outside, workouts at the gym, or swimming laps at the Rec Center. Physical activity and exercise has always been my outlet for releasing stress from my demanding career as a public school teacher for middle school children. I became more interested in balanced and holistic living along the way. In 2002, I became a licensed and nationally board certified massage therapist and worked at a high end spa part time. I took my first yoga class as a way to relieve the pain I was suffering after teaching all day and working as a massage therapist several nights a week. After just a few yoga classes I was completely hooked and knew this was it-I literally fell in love! I completed a 500 hour yoga teacher training in 2005 at the International Yoga Institute of Yoga. This certification was in the Raja Style and my teacher was Master Adam Nguyen. Just this past December, I completed a 200 hour teacher training with Yax Yoga Concepts. My instructors were John Yax and Christopher Yax. This certification is for Niyata which means stability and Vinyasa. My intention as I set forth to teach yoga is to help others heal and to inspire others to find their inner source of joy and strength. The health benefits of a regular and dedicated yoga practice are endless. I want to inspire others and help them on their healing journey as only yoga can do. With all my heart I believe yoga is the way to a strong body mind and spirit and a long healthy life. I am so thankful to all my yoga teachers who have helped me and inspired me so much over the years. I am a sum of all I have learned from you. What an honor it will be to help others find yoga for themselves! Namaste, Ashley