New Students

Welcome to the wonderful world of Hot Yoga. We are happy that your curiosity has brought you here. We understand that starting something new can be a bit scary but have no fear. We want to make this as clear as possible so you can strut into the studio with confidence. If by chance we missed something do not hesitate to contact us.

First things first, there are a lot of different types of yoga out there, from restorative yoga to chair yoga and everything in between. At Torch we offer a hot athletic based yoga. This type of yoga can be very vigorous. Be prepared to move, sweat and work. Also prepare yourself to move beyond your boundaries. Remember, yoga is not necessarily the movements you make with your body, it is how your mind reacts to the situations as you flow through this life. At Torch we create a situation and encourage you to explore your reactions so you can grow beyond expectations on and off the mat. This practice is great for those who are looking to become more active or those who are already living an active lifestyle and looking to enhance their capabilities and find balance in their mind and bodies.

At Torch we create a non judgmental space. We create a space where it is ok to fall and get back up. We know that it is hot so and it takes time to acclimate to the heated environment. We will encourage you to stay on your mat and stay focused but will never discourage you if you need to step out for a quick break. Everybody comes to the mat from a different walk of life so all you have to do is show up with an open mind to exploration. The more you come, the more your body adapts to the work load and the heat.

Please come on in and see what the hype is all about.
We are excited to meet you.


If you are a new student to Torch Yoga Studio,
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