Karma Yoga Crew

Want to learn more about yoga?

Has the cost been preventing you from your goals?

We do not want to exclude anyone from practice.

Every great studio has an amazing community to help it grow and we need you. We know that you are dedicated to your practice so why not dedicate a little extra time and be a part of this growing community.

What is the commitment?

Each Karma Crew member will commit to one 3 hour shift per week.

What type of work will you be doing?

First and foremost you will be greeting our students with a friendly smile. You will also be taking on some administrative duties as well as checking in students. You will also be responsible for some light cleaning duties.

What do you receive as part of the Karma Crew?

As a Karma Yoga member you will receive an unlimited pass to all of our classes at Torch, you will also receive discounts on workshops and event and teacher training. You will also receive a free tee shirt upon registration.

Apply to Join the Karma Crew