Meet our instructor Megan Willetts RYT 200

Originally from a small town in New Jersey, at the age of 21 I decided I needed to get out of my comfort zone and move onto something new. I bought a one way ticket, packed 2 suit cases and headed to Hawaii. While on the beautiful island of O’ahu, my eyes where opened to a different type of life. I began to find different ways to better myself and others. It didn’t take me long to discover I wanted more! I found myself in a beautiful town in Arizona surrounded by red rocks and filled with people that shared my passion. I couldn’t have picked a more perfect place to study massage then Sedona.

After massage school I made my way back to Hawaii where I spent my mornings taking people to swim with dolphin and my afternoons massaging. It was a dream. After 6 beautiful years in the Hawaii sun, sand and water, I felt like something was missing. I took myself to different water and started exploring the shores of California. In California I deepened my practice of yoga and completed my 200hr teacher training. My style of teaching floats towards vinyasa while almost always including some gentle and restorative postures allowing you to leave refreshed, worked and relaxed.

I am now back on the east coast sharing my passion for yoga and massage with others. I continue to enjoy the constant learning experience massage and yoga bring to my life and I can’t wait to see what else it has in store for me.




Also welcome Natalie Hood to the Torch Family
A native Canadian, I discovered yoga while living in Vancouver, BC in 2006. At the time, I was a bit of a gym rat…always dragging myself to the gym to lift weights, skip rope, run…it was a grind! I came across a friend I had not seen in some time, and she looked amazing! Lean, strong, and her shoulders were shredded. I asked her what she’d been doing and she replied, “Yoga! Nothing but yoga.” I was sold. I began yoga the next day and never looked back.

What I discovered from yoga was so much more than just a lean, strong frame and great muscle tone. I found a practice that I woke up every day looking forward to doing. I found teachers who worked me brutally hard, yet felt simultaneously nurturing. And, most surprisingly, I found that through the movement of my body, I could connect with my emotional self and quiet the constant churn of my thoughts. Also I discovered an entire body of philosophical knowledge that has been guiding people for thousands of years, yet somehow I had never known about. Yoga seeped into every facet of my life, and I was better for it.

In 2011, I moved to Los Angeles to train with my teacher, Annie Carpenter. I did 400 hours of teacher training, including a six month apprenticeship. I also taught private yoga classes to some folks in the movie business. I returned to Vancouver, and taught at yoga studios and gyms for several years. Later I moved to Montreal, and was the private yoga coach for several elite synchronized swimming teams. In 2015 I married my love, a military man, and moved to Virginia Beach. This year we welcomed a son, Timothy, who according to his dad is definitely NOT going to be doing yoga! We’ll see about that 🙂

I am so happy to have found a new yoga home at Torch. I look forward to seeing you in class!

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Welcome Ashley Murphy to the Torch Yoga Family!!
I am a Virginia Beach native. Growing up I played many sports and loved being part of teams both in my community and also for my junior high and high school. As I “grew up” and no longer played team sports, my interest in physical fitness and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle increased. I stayed active by running or walking outside, workouts at the gym, or swimming laps at the Rec Center. Physical activity and exercise has always been my outlet for releasing stress from my demanding career as a public school teacher for middle school children. I became more interested in balanced and holistic living along the way. In 2002, I became a licensed and nationally board certified massage therapist and worked at a high end spa part time. I took my first yoga class as a way to relieve the pain I was suffering after teaching all day and working as a massage therapist several nights a week. After just a few yoga classes I was completely hooked and knew this was it-I literally fell in love! I completed a 500 hour yoga teacher training in 2005 at the International Yoga Institute of Yoga. This certification was in the Raja Style and my teacher was Master Adam Nguyen. Just this past December, I completed a 200 hour teacher training with Yax Yoga Concepts. My instructors were John Yax and Christopher Yax. This certification is for Niyata which means stability and Vinyasa. My intention as I set forth to teach yoga is to help others heal and to inspire others to find their inner source of joy and strength. The health benefits of a regular and dedicated yoga practice are endless. I want to inspire others and help them on their healing journey as only yoga can do. With all my heart I believe yoga is the way to a strong body mind and spirit and a long healthy life. I am so thankful to all my yoga teachers who have helped me and inspired me so much over the years. I am a sum of all I have learned from you. What an honor it will be to help others find yoga for themselves! Namaste, Ashley



Lets Welcome Steve Beauregard to the Torch family

I first came to step onto a yoga mat in September 2011 looking for a way to heal. I really didn’t know anything about yoga
and the wide range of benefits that I have been learning come from a strong, consistent practice. Like
many folks, I began my journey with almost no flexibility and little balance. I chose to approach this new
experience with an open mind and a strong will. As my practice has been growing, I have been truly
fortunate to have practiced under the guidance and along side some wonderful teachers.
I received my 200 hour teaching certificate after completing the 200 hour teacher training with
Yax Yoga Concepts in 2016. Teaching Vinyasa and Niyata, I truly enjoy practicing and teaching the flow classes.
Allowing the mind to settle and the body and breath to move and shine together bring healthy benefits that I
believe everyone, of any age, size, or athletic ability, can enjoy and thrive on.
Healthy activity on your mat often extends beyond the mat. In fair weather I enjoy my kayak on the local lakes, and
my bicycle on trails or the road, or simply walking trails.

I’m looking forward to sharing practice with you.


Welcome Tyler Haman

Tyler found movement therapy and yoga through necessity. By his mid-20s, he had broken both femurs, as well as many other bones, and been diagnosed with Scoliosis, Facet Syndrome, Lordosis, torn ligaments and was recommended for several surgeries.
Instead of going under the knife, he took his health into his own hands. He travelled the country, leaving no stone unturned, with hopes of finding relief through a more natural route. He has trained with some of the most prolific movement therapists in the world and continues to find inspiration through a wide range of influences, from traditional yoga and breathwork to martial arts. Tyler considers himself a lifelong student and stays on the cutting edge of holistic health and movement therapy. He now enjoys sharing the knowledge and practices that have increased his quality of life and given him peace within his body.




Welcome Angela Sullivan

I am a native of Virginia Beach. I am many things in life: I am a trainer, a competitor, culinary student, yoga teacher, and student. Yoga has always struck my curiosity since I was a teenager. Always stepping on the mat for a more physical aspect, not realizing that was just scratching the surface. I did not fall deep into yoga until about 7 years ago when I visited a close friend in Carlsbad CA. Everyday I tried a new studio with a different style experiencing some of the different dynamics of yoga, but the philosophy aspect is what drew me in. In order to feed my curiosity I visited the nearby Encinitas Ashram Center and Meditation Gardens. The Encinitas Temple inspired me to learn more. After my trip I started practicing and studying yoga on my own until I did my 200 hour teacher training at Yoga Nook, teaching me the fundamentals of yoga. So I try to intertwin this knowledge with my everyday life, and share it with my other profession as a personal trainer because yoga can benefit anyone and everyone in so many different ways. In fact in my life I’ve watched people close to me struggle with their health and how it has affected them physically and emotionally. This has driven me to become tremendously passionate in helping others to make a lifestyle change mentally and physically. Personally yoga has helped keep balance in my life, and helped me physically by building strength and flexibility in my body for bodybuilding competitions. Remember Yoga is like an obstacle race: many obstructions are purposely put on the way for us to pass through. They are there to make us understand and express our own capacities. We all have that strength, but we don’t seem to know it. So I use yoga to help myself and others find the strength in the mind and the body.