Class Styles

Fundamentals: This class is a great place for everyone to play. The instructor will guide you through the basics with a strong focus on alignment and long holds to feel the burn. It is not uncommon that we will spend some time breaking down postures that may lead into arm balances and inversions and crazy transitions from the two. This is also a great place for students to ask questions and often the instructor will open the class with the question “What would you like to focus on today.” A great class for beginners and advanced alike, this class is designed to take you to new heights on and off your mat. FuNdamentals is lightly heated and set to fun, uplifting music. Come with an open mind and and a positive attitude.

Fire and Ice: This class is heated to 95+ for the first 30 minutes. It is set to meditative music to help the students detach from the stress and worries of their day. The focus of the first 30 min is strength so we hold each posture for a long period of time exploring the minds reaction to uncomfortable situations. After we build the fire we turn down the heat and come to our mats for a series of yin postures (intense stretching). The class will close with a short guided meditation as we lead into final savasana leaving you relaxed and ready to take on whatever life hands you.

Rockyourasana: This class is completely guided which makes it a great place for intermediate to seasoned yogis. It is a mixture of cardio vinyasa and strength conditioning without the guess work of flowing on your own.   In this class the instructor will guide you through the entirety of the class all while challenging you to find your edge. This class is not for the faint of heart. You will be working from the moment you step into the room. The space is heated to a temperature of 95+ and is set to a motivating music. Bring your water and get ready to sweat. Always remember that we all start somewhere. This class is open to everyone. It’s up to you to remember that strength come with practice.

FunkyFloDown: This is a free flow class designed for exploration of mind, body, and spirit. The instructor will guide students through different postures within a sequence then turn up the music and allow the students to move to the rhythm of their own breath. This freedom creates a space of exploration. It is a challenging class that is heated to 95+ degrees and it is not uncommon to throw in inversions and arm balances in this class. This class is open to all students but is recommended that practitioners have previous yoga experience.