5 Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training

5 Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training

Most people feel a little lost after taking their first yoga teacher training. They may feel as if they were slighted or did not get what they paid for. Believe it or not I felt that same way so I decided to jot down a few things for you to consider before choosing where to do your teacher training.

1. Find your yoga home. There are so many different styles of yoga out there today just as there are so many different kinds of people. Remember, what works for a friend may not be what resinates with you. Go out into the community and feel out the studios that you consider. Try all of the classes to see if the studios offer something that sparks an interest in you. If not that is not your yoga home. Your studio should be a place at inspires you. Keep looking so you can get the most out of your training.
2. Remember your first teacher training is a stepping stone into the world of yoga. It will give you a backbone as a teacher but the lessons of yoga never end. After you complete your first training you will have to continue to learn and grow your skills as a teacher not only to be more of a value to employers but also to continue to inspire your students. People will follow you for a life time if you keep growing as a teacher but its up to you to be a leader and to get out and explore.
3. Don’t fall for the bells and whistles. Your RYT program is a great opportunity for self exploration. That being said it is not a place for gimmicks. You can have a great experience traveling to far away lands but the real practice starts with every day life. You don’t need to go to india to get quality education, you can find it in your very own back yard. The best part is these trainings are usually spread out over a few months and integrate into your life so you really learn how to apply what you learn to your reality.
4. Find your yoga niche. Are you Vinyasa yogi, are you into yin, is thai yoga your thang, do you enjoy playing with handstands and inversions or do you prefer the softer side of yoga. Get to know your practice well. There is nothing wrong with being multi faceted as a teacher but when you start off it helps to go in the direction of your interests, sink your teeth in deep and learn as much as you can. Then you will have a strong foundation to base your teaching on and from there you can branch out.

5. Get to know your teachers!! Once you find your yoga home take time to get to know the teachers and their individual style. Your teachers are your mentors so you should feel comfortable asking questions and voicing concerns. The more you show up to practice with your favorite teachers the more you will get to know them. Put yourself in the front row, ask questions after class and inquire about teacher training from them. You will get more out of your training if you build a relationship with your mentors.

Take these factors into consideration as you work toward choosing your yoga teacher training and you will have a positive experience. Remember yoga is all about exploration so let your journey toward training be part of the exploration. Have fun as you practice, learn and grow then prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime.

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