How to make Quarantine Fun

How to make Quarantine Fun

The Coronavirus has most of us staying home for quarantine. Who knew that being stuck in your own home could be so hard? Your whole schedule has changed and it is hard to build a new one, or to stay busy. You miss going to yoga or getting lunch with friends and we totally understand and want to help you. Here are some fun and easy tips to stay sane and busy while you are stuck at home during Covid-19.


Home workouts: A workout  is an easy and healthy way to take up time at home. Torch has had multiple teachers and different types of classes that are recorded and online for members to enjoy class while you are at home! This is a fun way to stay connected to your studio, the other people that you share your practice with, and to stay fit! You can grow off your in-class practice at home!


Virtual cocktail hour: Quarantine can be lonely. It is hard staying away from your friends! Reach out to a group and schedule a time to Facetime or use an online platform, such as Zoom, to get multiple people together and chat! This helps with getting the socializing you need and adding laughs to your day. Everyone is in the same boat and it’s a nice way to get through it together.


Read a book: In normal day to day, it is hard to find the time and now you have it! We all have a book on our bedside table that we have been meaning to read. Now is the time! Pick it up, light a candle, and carve some time out of your day to get lost in a good book.


Practice recipes: Going to the grocery store is hard right now. Stocking up on essentials is most important . But if you can make a list and get all the things you need, grab some ingredients to make that recipe you have always wanted to make, but never had the time. This is a good way to have fun with your family, take the time to cook a good meal, and eat something that tastes really, really good! Bake too! Cookies are always a good idea.


Virtual concerts: There are so many musicians using social media as a platform to do online concerts. Look up your favorite artist and see if they have a time schedule where they will be online and performing. It is a good break from your day and an easy way to spread happiness! It isn’t everyday you get to listen to your favorite artist live.


Spring cleaning: We are officially into Spring! This is the perfect time to spring clean. There is no avoiding it! Start organizing your house, deep cleaning, and getting rid of things you don’t need. This will help you feel fresh and organized. It also will take up time in your day.


Puzzle: Maybe there is a puzzle hiding in your closet or under your coffee table you bought and never put together! This is another way to stimulate the mind and do something with your family, or whoever you are quarantined with! You will feel accomplished!


Goal setting: Take some time in your day to sit down and write out your goals. Often, we know what our goals are and we think about them daily. It is hard to put them into action if you haven’t put them on paper. Now is the time! It will create a visual and help to determine which goals you could help reach while you are stuck at home. It is the perfect time to dive deep and get a head start on your goals!!


Meditate and Journal: If mediating and journaling is something you have always wanted to try, start now! You might just get hooked. Take out a couple minutes in your day to try it out. You can find an easy meditation guided video online and grow from there. When journaling, start simple and write down the things for which you are grateful for. This is the best time to do it when it is easy to lose sight of the good things in your life!


Fresh air: It is important to still be getting some sunlight on your skin and fresh air in your lungs. Keep your distance from others but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a walk, sit on your front porch, or find a little bit of sunlight to soak up and enjoy. It’s good for your mental health.


Get Creative: Get creative while you are home. You can take an online class! All of the Ivy Leagues are offering 450 free online classes! There are celebrities reading children’s books on their instagrams, and there are online cooking classes. You can make a schedule and stay busy.


There are a lot of options to staying busy while in quarantine! Stay connected with us at Torch and keep practicing your yoga. Reach out if you have any questions about your home practice, postures, or anything related to yoga.


We hope you are staying safe and being as active as you can! We will miss you in the studio but we will come back stronger as a community.